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PurePixel Precision Vegetation Health Solution

  • Saves time by targeting specific locations for crop scouting versus scouting the entire field
  • Reduces economic losses by providing an early warning system for crop health
  • Improves management decisions by comparing PurePixel maps to other field operations maps such as as-applied fertilizer, as-applied seed, and yield maps
  • Identify differences in crop health and maturity even when crop health is generally strong
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The PurePixel™ precision vegetation health solution provides farmers and their trusted advisors with a high source of vegetation health information to drive improved crop analysis.  Most remote sensing based vegetation maps are plagued by issues with "noise" from soil color and moisture variability.  Furthermore, these maps generally use non-calibrated information that limit the user’s ability to compare crop health from one period to the next.  The PurePixel solution not only removes the noise that undermines the accuracy of most vegetation maps, but also uses a precise calibration that allows for more meaningful analysis of the vegetation map information.  Overall, the PurePixel solution provides high quality vegetation health information to improve farm and field management.


Satellite imagery is available for PurePixel processing in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


Types of PurePixel Maps

There are two types of PurePixel Vegetation Index maps.  The first type uses a Natural distribution which displays crop health on an absolute scale to show the true state of vegetation health.  The second type uses a Clustered distribution to display crop health with percentile buckets that accentuate the crop health variability.  Between these two maps users can compare multiple images of the same area over time to detect changes in crop health and variability, no matter how large or small the differences.


Another helpful map that is automatically downloaded for your field is called the PurePixel Chlorophyll Index map.  These maps separate chlorophyll information to help assess crop variability and maturity within a field or between fields.  This information can be used to help evaluate mid and late season crop health to assist harvest related decisions.

 PurePixel 3 Fields


Compatible Data Export

PurePixel maps are compatible with other third party software solutions, including Farm Works Software®. Click the Download button to export PurePixel Vegetation Index and PurePixel Chlorophyll Index data using a standard shapefile (*.shp) format. This allows flexibility outside of Connected Farm if a different system is needed for management zone creation or variable rate calculations.


 Trimble PurePixel Shapefile Export

Both the PurePixel and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) provide helpful information in analyzing crop health. The chart explains the added benefits of the PurePixel solution.


Produces vegetation index maps for analyzing crop health

Yes Yes
Algorithms can be applied to imagery collected with satellite, fixed-wing aircraft, or UAV based sensors
Yes Yes
Filters noise from variable soil properties and moisture conditions to improve
vegetation index accuracy
Yes No
Creates calibrated maps for accurate assessment of vegetation health as well as quantitative change mapping through a season or year-to-year Yes No

    Satellite imagery is available for PurePixel processing in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


     PurePixel Coverage Map

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