Customer Stories

Customer Stories

A Building Renovation Project Using 3D Scanning
Explore how le FabShop in France benefited from Trimble 3D technologies when starting a building renovation project in Paris. While designing a new 700m2 office and workshop space to be opened to public in a multi-story vintage building, numerous challenging questions were raised: structural aspects, space organization, regulatory considerations.

Customer Stories - Rocketeers

3D scanning plays a central role in NASA research and testing.

Customer Stories - Scanning Mission on the High Seas

Scanning Mission on the High Seas
When modifying existing oil platforms to increase production, engineers need detailed models of the facilities. Trimble scanning technology keeps projects on track with fast, accurate information.

Customer Stories - Starring Role

Starring Role
At NASA's Langley Research Center, even the surveyors are pushing the technology envelope.

Customer Stories - Integrated Surveying in the UK

Integrated Surveying in the UK
One of the United Kingdom's largest civil engineering projects, the South Hook LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) terminal is under construction at Milford Haven, Wales. Jointly, Besix (Belgium) and Kier Construction (U.K.) are refurbishing a 50-year-old oil jetty to receive the huge LNG tankers.

Customer Stories - Trimble 3D Scanning Saves Cost on New Oil Vessel

Trimble 3D Scanning Saves Cost on New Oil Vessel
Operated by Elf Exploration Angola (Luanda, Angola), the FPSO Girassol is one of the largest Floating Production, Storage and Offl oading (FPSO) vessels in the world. Located in the Gulf of Guinea, 150 km (93 miles) off Angola, the huge, ship-like vessel is connected to numerous drilling platforms pumping 200,000 to 250,000 barrels of oil daily.

Civil, Transportation and Building

Customer Stories - Reaching the Unreachable

Reaching the Unreachable
The assignment itself was straightforward: to provide a 3D AutoCAD model that would show the number and location of piles, pile caps and beams in the 1922-vintage railroad trestle for a rehabilitation project. Executing the assignment, however, was anything but straightforward: The trestle was inaccessible on the upland side due to existing construction.

Customer Stories - 3D Scanning Becomes an Everyday Tool

3D Scanning Becomes an Everyday Tool
Speed, flexibility and cost savings make 3D scanning an important tool for an array of infrastructure construction projects.

Customer Stories - A new view of Gare Saint-Lazare

A new view of Gare Saint-Lazare
3D scanning technology helps update the oldest railway station in Paris.

Customer Stories - Monitoring a Pipeline

Monitoring a Pipeline
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is a 1,287-km (800-mi) engineering marvel. Passing through three mountain ranges, over three fault lines and crossing 500 rivers and streams to connect the northern oil fields with the seaport at Valdez, TAPS has transported more than 15 billion barrels of oil since its completion over 30 years ago.

Customer Stories - A Dam Down Under: Integrated Surveying Overcomes Challenges

A Dam Down Under: Integrated Surveying Overcomes Challenges
Inland from the world-famous Gold Coast on Australia's eastern seaboard, the integration of 3D scanning and GNSS satellite .

Customer Stories - Straight and Narrow

Straight and Narrow
Confirming that structures are built correctly is a critical part of any construction project. At a new power station in South Africa, Trimble technology makes quick work of a tall order.

Customer Stories - A Flat Enough Floor?

A Flat Enough Floor?
University turns to 3D Scanning to find high and low spots in Arena subfloor.

Customer Stories - Surveying Underground

Surveying Underground
The survey job in Mining International's limestone quarry in Joliet, Illinois, was simple in theory—it was just a topographic survey of a mostly straight tunnel. But V3 Companies, an Illinois-based consulting firm, found that in practice working underground presented plenty of challenges including absolute darkness, transport issues, working on high platforms and establishing control in a highly variable environment.

Customer Stories - 3D Scanning in Tunneling

3D Scanning in Tunneling
Fast, accurate measurement is a difficult aspect in tunnel construction, maintenance and redevelopment. Confined spaces make it hard to establish and preserve survey ...

Security, Planning and Law Enforcement

Customer Stories - A Whole New World

A Whole New World
With Google™ Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth™ providing new visions for what is possible, geo-referenced data is increasingly being relied on every day for house-hunting, store locations and vacation planning.

Customer Stories - Scanning Mount Doom's Neighbor

Scanning Mount Doom's Neighbor
It's not "Mount Doom" of Lord of the Rings fame—that mythical designation belongs to its neighbor Mount Ngauruhoe—but New Zealand's Mount Ruapehu is today one of the world's most active volcanoes.

Historical Preservation and Visualization

Customer Stories - Game Changer

Game Changer
When a company makes a strategic decision to add scanning to its surveying services, its clients are the true winners.

Customer Stories - Scanning Coastal Changes: Spatial Imaging Sails into Erosion Studies

Scanning Coastal Changes: Spatial Imaging Sails into Erosion Studies
Storms and other natural phenomena continuously sculpt our seashores and coasts. Erosion and accretion to beaches, wetlands and sea cliffs combine with predicted rises in sea level to create the potential for significant problems that can affect surrounding communities. It's a complex system, and there are significant gaps in data used to understand and predict coastal change. Trimble Spatial Imaging is providing some important answers.

Customer Stories - High Risk, High Reward

High Risk, High Reward
Uncovering Homo Sapiens' most ancient archaeological artifacts.

Customer Stories - A New View of Stonehenge

A New View of Stonehenge
Modern technology answers some old questions, raises new ones about ancient mysterious site.

Customer Stories - Reviving the Past: Excavations at Sissi on Crete

Reviving the Past: Excavations at Sissi on Crete
During the third and second millennia BC, the Mediterranean island of Crete was home to one of the most remarkable ancient civilizations and the oldest European culture that knew how to write. Numerous excavations over the last 110 years have not succeeded in clarifying who the mysterious Minoans were and how their society was organized.

Customer Stories - Prevailing in a Survey Technology Laboratory

Prevailing in a Survey Technology "Laboratory"
At 195 m (641 ft) long and 172 m (563 ft) high, the Crazy Horse Memorial Hills is the world's largest mountain carving. Work began in 1948, and over the years, increasingly sophisticated survey technologies have been applied to the task of planning the explosive blasts used to shape the pegmatite granite into sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski's vision of renowned Lakota leader, Crazy Horse.

Customer Stories - Uncovering the Cathedral Builders' Secrets

Uncovering the Cathedral Builders' Secrets
Built during the transition from the 12th into the 13th centuries, the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres is known as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in France. In 2009, the French government, supported by the Centre Region and the European Union, began a four-year program to restore the vaulted ceilings of the Cathedral.

Customer Stories - A Royal Project

A Royal Project
Today's 3D scanning is a great tool for historical preservation, but it's not always accessible for projects (difficult implementation, limited budgets, technology unknown by archaeologists, etc). Instead, archaeologists may still use traditional theodolites (at best), or (at least) only paper, tape measure and crude charcoal copying methods. Used in this project to help prepare an historic palace in southwest Germany for restoration, the Trimble VX Spatial Station offers a powerful alternative to 3D scanning: surveying techniques are already known by archaeologists and the new technology provides both 3D scanning and imaging data.

Customer Stories - Scanning Easter Island's Moai

Scanning Easter Island's Moai
Easter Island's huge volcanic rock statues—called Moai by the islanders—have puzzled ethnographers, archaeologists and island visitors. Today, the German Archaeological Mission is seeking to help document and conserve these historical artifacts.

Customer Stories - Scanning Yemen's Great Mosques

Scanning Yemen's Great Mosques
With a rich archaeological and architectural heritage, Yemen's historical relics have been in urgent need of conservation.

Customer Stories - Beyond the Da Vinci Code

Beyond the Da Vinci Code
Rosslyn Chapel's architectural significance as well as increased visitor pressure have led the Rosslyn Chapel Trust to pursue a substantial conservation and restoration project for Scotland's historical church building.