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Connecting with Community

Trimble Feedback is an easy-to-use Web-based system that provides a communication channel between a utility and its customers and interest groups. The solution supports the complete feedback management process from sending observations of an environment or other concerns to the system as well as managing and publishing feedback data by the utility or authority responsible. With 24/7 availability, time-stamped submissions can be easily monitored, assigned to a person within the organization, and resolved while keeping the contributing party informed.

Key Benefits

  • Easily document service requests and responses
  • Improve customer service quality and efficiency
  • Improve allocation of resources and reduce number of customer inquiries
  • Improve collaboration with organizations e.g. contractors
  • Eliminate errors and duplicate submissions

Key Facts

  • Available 24/7
  • Share plans and solicit feedback
  • Process feedback and respond
  • Asses feedback by project, user, feedback type, or department
  • Allow for custom feedback and digitization
  • Geospatial analysis and visualization
  • Automated creation of feedback archive used for analysis and compiling statistics

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