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Trimble Map Viewing Solution

The UtilityCenter® e-View Solution is a web-based application designed to provide an easy and efficient method for distributing GIS information within an organization's intranet. The e-View application runs in the web browser and provides a combination of vector and raster GIS data through a configurable web user interface optimizing utility field processes.




  • Display data in both vector and raster formats
  • Perform searching based on attribute data
  • Print and Plot maps using the printers and plotters installed using the Windows Environment
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Create redlining and sketching objects directly on the map and save redlining session
  • Select multiple objects on map and view properties of entire selected set
  • Show critical information from UtilityCenter® Outage Management System on map
  • Show raster maps in MrSID format and other raster formats (tiff, dxf, .dwg.)


  • Select/Multi-Select Tool
  • Zoom In/Zoom Out Tools
  • Map Tips
  • Zoom Previous Tool
  • Linear and Area Measuring Tools
  • Real-world Coordinates X,Y Scale bars
  • Display Attributes as Map Text
  • Redlining Tool
  • At-scale Printing & Plotting
  • Multiple Feature Property Identify Tool
  • Search by Attributes
  • Show Outage Information Tool


  • Integrated with UtilityCenter® GIS and OMS
  • Web-based application for viewing UC data
  • Server application runs as Windows service
  • Configurable UI
  • User Login (Windows or app-defined)
  • Full screen map display
  • Interactive and Collapsible/ExpandableLegend
  • DisplayUC Outage Crews
  • Selectable/Nonselectable Layers
  • Turning On/Off Layers
  • Display Thresholds
  • Multiple Themes per User Group
  • Theme-based Layers, Buttons, Right-Click Menus
  • Multiple Themes per User Groups