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Trimble eRespond Software - Overview


Trimble® eRespond™ software provides a comprehensive set of features designed to simplify the end-to-end process of outage and incident management in electric, water, and wastewater utilities.

Through a modular web based platform, the software supports a broad range of requirements for utilities, including customer trouble call management, emergency and planned outage management, fault detection, automatic grouping of calls using an inferencing engine, workforce management, and dispatching including mobile, spatial, and regulatory reporting. The product is proven to be highly scalable, providing a solution for utilities of all sizes, from community based utilities to expansive utilities with over 12 million meters.

Trimble eRespond empowers utilities to increase system reliability, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of day to day operations while continuously improving customer service in a measurable way.

In today's increasingly competitive market where stricter regulations are being imposed Trimble eRespond will aid in the decrease in volume and duration of customer, environmental and system incidents and outages, providing a platform for improved regulatory reporting, efficiency and quality of service.

Trimble eRespond for Electric Utilities
Smart grid outage and incident management

Trimble eRespond for Wastewater Utilities
Incident management for wastewater utilities

Trimble eRespond for Water Utilities
Incident and outage management for water utilities

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