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Trimble PoleSTAR

Typing in grid coordinates to model and analyze structures and then looking at lines and lines of analysis results is a thing of the past. With Trimble PoleSTAR, you can find a new way to model and analyze even the most complicated structures using simple, easy-to-use 3D graphical user interfaces. Structure design software is at its best.

Trimble PoleSTAR performs finite element analysis of complex pole structures like two and three pole structures, guy stubs, sidewalk guys, poles with transformers, and poles with any number of circuits and eccentric equipment loads.

You can:

  • Analyze metal, concrete and wood pole structures and apply any number of load and strength reduction factors.
  • View the results in an interactive 3D graphic environment.
  • Review component utilizations or access analysis results and graphs with a simple click of the button.
  • Edit structures easily with "drag and drop" features.
  • Quickly remedy structure failures by replacing failed components with one from your library.
  • Save and manage structure configurations and conductor loads for future use.

Trimble PoleSTAR comes with a large generic conductor and equipment library based upon RUS and most commonly used standards. You don't have to be a sophisticated structural engineer to find sophisticated answers.

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