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Trimble is the one partner with field and office solutions across your entire organization - from planning and permitting through generation, transmission, and distribution to outage management and improved customer service. Regardless of whether you are a large Investor Owned Utility, a Co-operative, a Municipal Water District, or an Independent System Operator or Independent Power Producer, we have solutions to fit your needs.

Initial Feasibility Studies and Planning

We have solutions from aerial data collection and image processing through a complete analysis of possible routes for your linear asset, significantly shortening the time spent on the permitting and approval process while at the same time providing the best and most cost effective overall solution.

Corridor Mapping

Digital aerial photography, aerial laser scanning, and land mobile mapping provide game-changing capability for documenting and monitoring transmission networks. Transmission structures, terrain, vegetation, and other corridor features are scanned and combined with high-resolution visual and/or near-infrared imagery to enable planning, monitoring, and rapid response. Your project data is easily integrated into GIS databases for analysis of cadastral data, encroachment, and many other requirements.

Trimble mobile mapping systems are available in a range of capability and extendibility to meet your needs and budget. The Trimble Harrier Aerial Imaging and Laser Scanning systems provide industry-leading data capture and high-fidelity modeling for engineering and vegetation management tasks. Entry level systems provide imaging surveillance for vegetation management and compliance monitoring. Land mobile data capture systems complement aerial systems in corridor areas accessible by roadways.

Transmission Route Selection and Analysis

Trimble Corridor Analyst is a GIS-based software used to automate the infrastructure siting process. It is used primarily on electric transmission line siting projects, and was designed to automate the implementation of the proven EPRI Transmission Line Siting Methodology. This methodology promotes early stakeholder involvement and buy-in, shortening the planning and permitting cycle and thus shortening the entire process.

It is an extension to ArcGIS and adds efficiency and objectivity to the siting process, while allowing users to input relative suitability values for multiple siting criteria based on input from a variety of stakeholders. Throughout the process, Corridor Analyst enables siting team members from engineering, land acquisition, environmental and other areas to address complex interactions of engineering, environmental and social concerns. The result is that users have found their infrastructure siting projects to be far more defensible and predictable, empowering them to make more informed, objective, and accepted decisions.

Transmission Line Design & Optimization

Engineers across all utility disciplines are faced with the challenge of responding more quickly than ever to the demand for new transmission lines, substation facilities, and the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure. Our software provides an intuitive user interface with 3-D visualization, global optimization, material management and design comparison management.

Additional innovative tools for rerating and vegetation management provide you with the capability to optimize your existing systems, including autofitting a structure and conductor to LIDAR shots automatically. Whether you need exceptional design tools for your own projects or professional consulting and design services, we have a solution to meet your needs. The benefits of these applications result in faster Return On Investment (ROI), reduced construction costs, and higher productivity from scarce engineering resources.

Project Management

Building owners, construction and engineering firms, and public agencies are all using Meridian technology solutions today to effectively manage capital building programs and facility assets. Meridian's construction project management and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions reduce project costs and schedules across the plan-build-operate project lifecycle.

Meridian solutions include Proliance and Prolog. Proliance, an Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution for large enterprises that plan, build and operate complex capital projects, programs and facilities, combines project and portfolio management, facilities management, business process management and business analytics into one enterprise system of record. Prolog, the industry standard for successful construction project delivery, provides robust construction project management by automating all aspects of the construction lifecycle, from project design to close out.

Site Prep

Performing earthworks for your assets smarter and faster than ever is critical to success today. From estimating to completion, Trimble's solutions are significantly improving the total construction process, improving your productivity, and shortening your schedule.

We also have a complete range of solutions for all survey operations on your site; tools to manage all your mobile assets on the site; and work management solutions for your entire process.


As you move into the actual construction phase many of the Trimble solutions you used during site preparation will be applicable here. In addition to those solutions, we also have a complete range of building construction solutions, allowing you to take control of your job site with the broadest, deepest and toughest construction laser and layout tools for site prep, layout, leveling and alignment on the building construction job site.


Trimble has a broad and deep range of utility specific solutions for your operations, including: complete hardware and software solutions for GIS data collection and mobile GIS; fleet management solutions for your entire fleet of vehicles, no matter what type; scheduling and dispatch tools to manage tens of thousands of vehicles; outage management solutions; work management solutions; and a wide range of mobile computing tools.


In addition to the tools and solutions used in your everyday operations, we have solutions for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including outage management; managing all your fixed and mobile assets and even the inventory in and condition of those mobile assets; managing vegetation encroachment; and much more.