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Field and Marine Robotics

Field and Marine Robotics

When the environment is no longer in your control, Trimble's solutions for field robotics provide robust position and orientation so as to keep you on the path. From small, lightweight, precision OEM GNSS receivers to integrated GNSS/INS packages, Trimble offers an array of choices for unmanned and autonomous vehicle projects.


  • Utilizes the latest in GNSS technology from Trimble including RTK
  • Applanix Position and Orientation Solutions have a proven track record with DARPA Urban and Grand Challenge races.
  • Modular approach gives options over a range of system accuracy requirements.


Whether clearing shrub in remote locations or navigating traffic in a city center, a robust positioning system is vital and must be reliable even when GNSS availability is not. Trimble's AP line of OEM GNSS-Inertial Positioning and Orientation Systems combine modular design with proven technology for a solution you can count on.

The operation of Unmanned Marine Vehicles requires complete confidence in your equipment. Trimble provides ultra-rugged GNSS positioning solutions with built-in communications for maximum reliability and productivity.

Development, testing, and validation of the future's driver assistance systems demands the highest level of accuracy in the measurement of all aspects of vehicle dynamics. The Positioning and Orientation System for Land Vehicles from Applanix provides a complete picture of vehicle dynamic performance at up to 200 times per second.