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RFID Readers on Forklift Trucks Automate Identification of Pallets

Track to the Item Level with UHF RFID
EPC Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C Industry Standards

Work In Progress Can be Tracked with RFID

RFID Technology Lowers Risk in Busy Warehouses

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Trimble RFID and Rugged Computer Technology for Increased Efficiency

With Trimble RFID readers you can automatically track what enters and leaves your warehouse. Supporting international EPC Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) standards, reader modules and finished readers can form door portals, forklift-based readers and check station readers that integrate with backend IT systems. Rugged handheld data computers support team members with barcode readers, RFID readers and integrated communications as they move around the warehouse.

Tag at the Per-Item Level

For better inventory accuracy, UHF RFID lets you tag from truck level, through container, pallet, box, bin and item levels. With EPC Gen 2 tags being adopted around the world and hundreds of specialized tag manufacturers, it's easy to integrate with suppliers and customers systems for more efficient operation.

WIP, Tools, Equipment and More

RFID is not just for warehouse inventory. WIP (Work In Progress) in manufacturing, tools on a work truck, equipment in construction site stores and emergency services vehicle inventories all benefit when tags and readers are deployed.

Warehouse Safety - Forklift Operations - Location of People - Building Evacuation

A busy warehouse can be a dangerous place. Loaded forklift trucks have limited visibility. Automated equipment is also a hazard. RFID technology may be integrated into systems to flag proximity to workers and to limit operations that might be dangerous when conducted too close to people.

RFID is also suitable for access control and for tracking workers in case of emergency or hazardous operations.