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Time is Essential to Our Lives

Trimble GPS Timing Modules Provide Precise Time Around the World

Trimble Timing Drives the Mobile Cellular Network System

Support Software for All Timing Modules

Time Reference and Frequency Reference Modules

Specialized Timing Receivers Using GNSS Including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou

Using the accuracy of the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and COMPASS (future firmware updates) satellite systems, Trimble time and frequency products deliver accurate pulse-per-second and frequency reference signals. They are used for broadcast systems, mobile communications (cellular, land mobile radio dispatch), calibration laboratories, manufacturing test, seismic, scientific research and many other applications.


Acutime 360 Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna
Multi-GNSS receiver plus antenna together in a robust antenna housing. Threaded pole mount for secure installation. Wide operating temperature range.
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Res SMT 360 Multi-GNSS Timing Module
Timing receiver in 19 x 19 mm surface mount package provides precise time pulse for synchronization of 3G/4G base stations.
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ICM SMT 360™ Multi-GNSS Timing Module
19 x 19 mm, surface mount module with PPS and 10 MHz outputs for range of small cells from residential femtocell to rural microcell.
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Products GPS + GLONASS

Mini-T GG Multi-GNSS Disciplined Clock Board
Precise time clock module for radio base stations, digital broadcasting, smart grid and similar applications. PPS and 10 MHz outputs with extended temperature range and 24 hour holdover.
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Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock
GPS receiver with GPS disciplined oscillator provides precise PPS and 10 MHz reference outputs for time and frequency applications.
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Time Servers, Kits and Accessories

The Thunderbolt Lab Kit
Thunderbolt® E GPS disciplined oscillator (GPS-DO) kit optimized for calibration laboratories. Includes GPS antenna, RF cables, power supply and accessories to aid integration into test fixtures.
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Thunderbolt® NTP Time Server TS100
Multi-satellite constellation NTP v4 time server with IPv4 and IPv6 support. NEBS compliant with 15 ns time accuracy (1 sigma), +/- 1.5 us holdover (4 hours) and time stamp capability.
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