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RFID Tagging Provides Real Time Input to Distribution Centers

Control Shoe and Footwear Inventory with Item Level Tagging

Reduce Out-of-Stocks with RFID Tags

Item Level Tagging for Fashion Apparel Supply Chain

Retail & Fashion

Item Level Tagging Increases Productivity for Footwear, Apparel and Fashion

Apparel, footwear and fashion retailers can use item level tagging thanks to RFID technology. Using UHF RFID tags and readers conforming to ISO 18000 6-C (EPC Gen 2), retailers get many benefits:

  • Better inventory accuracy
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Increased per-sale value (+6% by ABI)
  • Reduced cycle count time
  • Faster receiving time
  • Improved conversion rate

Special Benefits for Fashion Apparel Supply Chain

The benefits of RFID apply to both replenished apparel and fashion apparel supply chains. For fashion apparel there is greater urgency and greater benefit from RFID due to the seasonal nature of the goods and the rapid changes in style that occur from season to season and year to year. Misplaced stock and inaccurate inventory records create opportunities to lose or miss a sale. When RFID item level tagging is used, rapid scanning by handheld and fixed RFID readers enable retail staff to positively identify to the customer that the correct goods are in the store.

Read rates of several hundred items per second are possible with UHF RFID supporting busy retail locations and large distribution centers. UHF tags conforming to ISO 18000-6C are standardized worldwide and tagged items can be tracked from the manufacturing location to the point of sale.