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Keeping Track of Assets in a Mine is Challenging

Deep Mine Pits Obscure GNSS Satellites
Dead Reckoning Helps Maintain Position

RFID Tags Help With Position Underground

RFID Tags Help With Safety Underground

Resource Extraction & Mining

DR, RFID and GNSS Technologies Improve Positioning in Mines

Conventional positioning solution pose problems for resource extraction companies. Deep mine pits, tunnels and shafts obscure satellites or cause severe multipath distortion for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou signals.

Adding inertial sensors and dead reckoning (DR) algorithms improves positioning for vehicles in these conditions. Trimble supplies system integrators and OEMs with GPS+DR modules and GPS+DR-based complete asset trackers.

Rugged Handheld Computers for Mine Operations

Trimble rugged handheld computers are perfect for data gathering in field locations in mines. The rugged computers are tested to MIL-STD 810-G for vibration shock. High levels of ingress protection - up to IP67 - and sunlight-readable displays complete the requirements for rugged operation.

Inventory Management for Tools and Equipment

Fixed and handheld RFID readers provide easy ways to track inventory and quickly reconcile stores, work truck contents and critical equipment. UHF RFID readers can read up to several hundred tags per second at a distance from the reader. ISO 18000-6C tags are standard worldwide and specialized tags are available to cover different requirements that influence readability.

Reverse RFID for Underground Mine Position

Placing RFID tags at know locations underground can assist with position information. Readers placed on vehicles or handheld readers carried by workers can provide position information for efficiency and safety.

Portals and Gateways Assist with Underground Worker Safety

Portals and gateways can be constructed using Trimble RFID reader modules. When workers wearing RFID tags pass through the portal, mine systems can keep track of who is in each section of the mine. Automatic worker headcounts can be included in critical mine operating procedures increasing overall safety and reducing risk.

Dangerous machinery can be fitted with RFID readers to provide interlock safety if workers approach the danger zone.