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Race Horse Performance Monitored Using Trimble Precision GNSS

Motor Sport Position Telemetry Requires Precision GNSS

High Performance Sport Aided By Precision GNSS

Rally Timed Series Racing Telemetry Requires Precise Positioning Technology

Race Timing

UHF RFID Handles Large Numbers of Runners

Timing a race with hundreds or thousands of runners is a major headache. Runners depart and arrive in large groups making human timing impossible. Tap-to-register systems are not effective since the race start and finish does not have large numbers of readers or turnstiles like a subway system. UHF RFID technology provides the best answer and Trimble RFID reader modules are ready for the task. With accurate and high read rates, flexible antenna configurations together with a common reader API they are ready for your application.

From Horses to Formula Race Cars - High Precision and High Speed Race Applications

In horse racing, and motor sports more detailed information is required. Performance and location on track is important to the sport. Trimble Precision GNSS products offer a range of accurate and ever more sophisticated solutions. Our BD series of products are used by system integrators to help race horse trainers, motor racing teams, high-performance sailing race teams and more.

Precise Race Timing From Satellite Receiver Modules

Trimble modules supply precise time, traceable to UTC for master race timing. Multiple receivers can be used for redundancy or in different locations for time-stamping, calculating split times, sector times and a variety of other sports uses.