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Railway Engineering Units Need Precise Positioning

Precision Location is Essential for Autonomous Vehicle Operation

China Driving School Car Instrumented with Twin GNSS Antennas for Precision Location

Wireless Data Communications Support RTK for Precision Location

Precision Location

Multi-frequency Precision Location

Ordinary GPS and GNSS systems use a single, civilian satellite frequency without rapid correction techniques. Trimble Precision GNSS positioning receivers use multiple frequencies such as L1/L2 GPS, L1/L2 GLONASS and E1/E5 Galileo together with augmentation signals and local enhancements like DGPS and RTK. Based on Trimble Maxwell technology these receivers feature a wide range of options and capabilities.

Precise Location for Positive Train Control and Railway Maintenance Trains

Railway systems use complex signaling, radio and vital circuits to ensure safety. But in dark territory or during maintenance these support systems may be not available or not appropriate (engineering units are operating in the same block). Knowing precisely where the different engineering rail units are located is essential for track renewal, rail grinding and ballast operations. Trimble precision GNSS modules and boards offer a range of options for these applications.

Precision Location for Driving Schools

China adds new drivers at the rate of about 25 million per year* [2013 number]. To handle the large numbers and to ensure accurate driver testing, a very sophisticated automated system is used to test drivers. Precision GNSS receivers with multiple antennas form the core of the positioning system providing heading information and precise location in relation to obstacles and road features. Trimble is a key supplier.

Radio Support for Precision Location Information

When precise location is required in a local area such as a construction site, operating yard or military base, Trimble radios provide an effective solution. RTK and other position correction information can be transmitted over distances from a few hundred meters to several kilometers subject to terrain. For OEMs and system integrators, Trimble supplies radio modules in addition to finished radios.