Trimble Technology Sales Group

RFID Reader Modules for Door Portal Systems

Trimble ThingMagic Reader Modules Enable Construction of Door Portals in All Sizes

UHF RFID Can Be Designed Into Gantry Operations and Tuned for Reliable Response at Speed

Trimble RFID Reader Modules Support Tunnel Portals for Conveyor Systems

Portals for Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail and Logistics

Programmable RFID Components Enable Innovative Solutions

Portals are built in a wide variety of forms. They can be door portals, gantries for rail yards and truck access, tunnel portals for manufacturing lines, retail portals for point of sale and access portals for security and safety.

Trimble provides UHF RFID reader modules for OEMs and system integrators as well as a number of finished reader designs that speed development and time-to-market. Developed by Trimble's ThingMagic division, these readers are paired with a number of RFID antennas for common applications and are available for most radio regulations around the world.

Reader Modules for RFID conveyor portal / tunnel

Trimble ThingMagic reader modules are the perfect match for conveyor systems. Tunnel-shaped portals may be designed to integrate with conveyor systems or be added to pre-existing systems. Trimble readers support EPC Gen 2 tags (ISO 18000-6C) and come in different port densities to match antenna configuration and power requirements.

Common API Simplifies Development

All Trimble ThingMagic reader modules and finished readers support the common Mercury API. Once you develop software or firmware for use with one reader, the code may be deployed with a different reader subject to configuration differences such as number of antennas. Your software investment is protected.

Reader Modules for Doorway Portals

Doorway portals can be large and require multiple antennas. Trimble has a range of different modules to address these requirements with different power settings to match the application.