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Precision GNSS for Offshore Positioning and Safety

Precision GNSS Tracks Navigation Marks and Aids

Trimble Precision GNSS for River Navigation Systems and Marks

Trimble Multi-antenna, Multi-frequency GNSS Modules for Portable Pilot Units

Maritime Positioning With Precision GNSS

High Availability Receiver Modules

Trimble satellite GNSS receiver modules combine multiple satellite constellations, multiple satellite frequencies, harsh operating specification, dual antennas and communications. They are excellent building blocks for maritime positioning systems including portable pilot units, automatic docking systems, hydrographic survey, side scan sonar, dynamic positioning, precise navigation aids, offshore structures, data buoys and river navigation aids.

River Navigation

All maritime systems are subject to the effects of currents, vessel traffic and storms which can cause position to shift over time. In rivers, the effects of floods, rolling boulders and constrained operating depth often result in sudden changes to navigational features. Adding precise positioning to navigational aids can provide automatic notification that an aid is moved out of its proper position. River navigation authorities can quickly ensure that vessel traffic is alerted to the danger.

Offshore Structures and Pipelines

Trimble survey technology helps offshore construction locate items on the seafloor including structures, pipelines and anchor systems. Trimble precise position modules can help make sure that they stay where they are placed and raise alarms when a problem develops.