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Trimble Asset tracking, RFID and rugged computers improve logistics

Intermodal Tracking

RFID Can Tag at All Levels - Unit, Box, Pallet & Container

Trimble Solutions Support All Modes of Transportation

Trimble Technology for Logistics

"The Right Thing, at the Right Place, at the Right Time"

Managing the flow and storage of inventory is complex. Too much inventory in the wrong place locks up working capital and company resources. Having too little inventory in the right place has an opportunity cost due to lost sales.

Knowing the location of your equipment and inventory is critical to success. Trimble technologies enable better tracking, more granularity, more detail and more timely information.

Tagging to the Item Level

UHF RFID technology to ISO 18000-6C standards lets you track beyond the container shipment to pallet, box, bin and item level. Trimble RFID reader modules and finished readers are easily integrated into door portals, conveyors, handling equipment (forklifts) and shipping trailers to track inventory at all stages. Shipments can be resolved through LTL (Less Than Load) and intermodal transfers both on incoming and outgoing shipments.

Real Time and Near Real Time Asset Tracking

Trimble asset tracking equipment attaches to vehicles, trailers, containers, large equipment and bins providing real time tracking with the aid of GPS and communications technologies. Products range from off-the-shelf asset trackers to systems that enable custom programming of the asset tracker. For marginal GPS signal environments, Trimble provides asset trackers with inertial sensors supporting DR (Dead Reckoning) tracking of shipment position.

Data Gathering with Rugged Handheld Computers

For logistics field workers, Trimble supplies rugged handheld computers with daylight-readable displays, scanners and communications. Traditional barcode scanning can be enhanced by RFID scanning and real time communications to back end data systems including cloud computing.