Trimble Technology Sales Group

UBI - Usage Based Insurance for Young Drivers

Drive Behavior Improves with Asset Tracking and Reduces Risk

Trimble Technology Can Help Offset Insurance Risk

Insurance Adjusters Benefit from Rugged Field Computers


Trimble Technologies Support Insurance Activities and Services

Trimble asset tracking technology supports many insurance applications from theft recovery, to asset protection, to claim adjusting, to usage based insurance (UBI) services. Trimble asset trackers can be placed on vehicles, trailers, containers, heavy equipment and a range of assets. There are different models incorporating GPS, and GNSS technologies with storage and communications to provide historical data and real-time location information. For difficult environments, Trimble incorporates inertial sensors in some models to support dead reckoning (DR) positioning solutions.

Tamper Indication and Safety Features

Insurers underwrite for all manner of risks. Trimble technology supports many forms of tamper indication and safety alerts that help mitigate risk. From indication of fuel theft, geofencing to detect cargo theft, environmental monitoring to prevent cargo spoilage, to "panic buttons" for personal and vehicle security, Trimble offers great flexibility to systems integrators.

RFID Improves Accuracy and Speeds Process

UHF RFID technology can be incorporated into many insurance services to improve operations. Legacy paperwork gets lost but can be found quickly if tagged with low cost UHF tags. Inventory in the field can be identified by loss adjusters if the supply chain uses RFID. Major assets can be tracked if RFID tags are specified in procurement.

Rugged Handheld Computers Speed Investigation for Insurance Adjusters

Claim adjuster, loss adjuster, field adjuster - insurance adjusters go by lots of names. Whatever the name, they perform important work under pressure. Often the work is done in difficult conditions: in bad weather, after an accident, in the aftermath of a storm with damaged infrastructure, when people and businesses need funds in a difficult time. The data they gather is important and needs to be accurate and reliable. Trimble rugged computers take rain, falls, splashes and keep working. With communications, cameras, RFID and barcode scanners these handheld field devices speed the job and reduce tedious paperwork.