Trimble Technology Sales Group

Fuel Saving of 10-15% with Telematics and Asset Tracking

Driver Fuelling Activity Tied to Location and Time

TAP System Sensors Include Fuel Monitoring Options

Telematics Support for Fuel Tax Documentation - Improve Accuracy and Save Driver Time

Fuel Economy

Asset Tracking of Vehicles and Trailers for Fuel Savings

Fleet operators report fuel savings of 10-15% as soon as telematics and asset tracking systems are deployed in their fleets. Significant factors contributing to the fuel savings include:

  • Driver behavior
  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Idle time
  • Route Planning
  • Route compliance

Trucking, haulage, delivery, courier, service, rental and in-house fleet: all see similar fuel savings.

Automate and Improve Fuel Tax Compliance

The US and ten Canadian Provinces are covered by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). The requirements of IFTA place a burden on drivers and a risk of audit when information is not accurate.

Using GPS asset tracking, fuel monitoring and appropriate IT back-end systems, driver overhead can be reduced and accuracy increased. Operators gain protection on audit when geolocation and fuelling events are tracked. Drivers have more time to drive, load and unload and are subject to less paperwork.

Detect and Eliminate Fuel Theft

The benefits discussed so far cover law-abiding aspects of fleet operations. We know that the high cost of fuel also encourages fuel theft both from the outside by criminals and from inside by rogue employees. Trimble asset tracking devices can be used to link fueling with geofence locations to detect improper draining of fuel.