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PS, GNSS and Dead reckoning to track your assets RFID for inventory on the vehicle

Don't leave vital equipment behind
RFID keeps vehicle inventory up to date

Your Field Computer and Positioning Equipment Needs Good Wet Condition Performance and Ingress Protection

Emergency Services Need Accurate Position and Rugged Devices

Emergency Services

Improve Operational Efficiency with GPS, GNSS and RFID

Emergency services need to know where their equipment is located. Trimble can help with combinations of positioning technology and RFID. GPS / GNSS asset trackers are used to locate vehicles, trailer and large assets. RFID is used for vehicle inventory, store room and warehouse logistics. Asset tracking on vehicles can feed into emergency center systems assisting with dispatch to an emergency.

Field Data Gathering and Communications

Gathering data at an emergency site is essential to efficient analysis after the event. Prevention of future emergencies is as important as dealing with the current problem. In this environment personnel need rugged solutions that will operate in the field for an entire working day. Trimble rugged computers meet the need and can also reduce the amount of equipment carried by each person.

Vehicle Inventory Support

By placing RFID readers or reader modules in vehicles, emergency services operators can review the inventory in real time. Police weapons, vital firefighting tools, essential medical equipment can all be tracked. When the time comes to leave the scene you can quickly tell if every item is back on the vehicle or in the proper storage bin.