Trimble Technology Sales Group

Sunlight Readable Displays and Rugged Construction

Flexibility Supported by a Wide Range of Options
Vehicle Mounting Hardware
Extened Battery

Gathering Data in the Field Requires
Harsh Environment Performance

It is Hard to Upload, Share and Archive a Paper Notebook

Field Data Gathering

Rugged Trimble Computers Support Field Operations

Collecting data in the field is a tough job requiring tough tools. Consumer electronic devices are designed to let us consume content. They can be used to collect field data but damage and replacement costs are high.

Rugged computers are designed to help field workers gather data and to keep doing it through a complete work day.

Ingress Protection - Water Damage - Dust Damage

Leading consumer electronics companies make a virtue of their water damage detection systems. They will not cover water damage - even under extended warranty. If you gather data in the field, it is only a matter of time before you drop your handheld computer in a puddle. Trimble rugged computers come in a range of dust and water protection for IP65 to IP68 to meet needs of different applications and environments. And we offer extended warranties, world-wide.

Sunlight readability - No Squinting

When you are in the field, there is no time to huddle under your jacket to be able to see your computer screen. Your handheld computer needs to be readable in all conditions including direct sunlight. Trimble displays include patent-pending dual-mode displays that offer unparalleled sunlight readability. We use Gorilla Glass® or ™ too.

Operating System Flexibility

Trimble rugged computer offerings include Windows and Android operating systems for maximum flexibility and protection of your software development investment.

Tough, Rugged and Reliable

Vibration, drop test and shock tests are all completed to MIL-STD-810G for Trimble rugged handheld computers.

Wide Range of Application Accessories

Trimble provides a wide range of accessories to support different application requirements. Vehicle mounts, cameras, barcode scanners, RFID scanners, communications, WiFi, SMS, Cell phone and extended batteries.