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GPS and GNSS Solutions

Trimble supplies positioning components and subsystems to automotive OEMs and tier one suppliers. From high volume GPS receivers to sophisticated asset tracking devices including programmable and inertial sensor support.

Trimble is also a leader integrating automotive positioning with UHF RFID to support applications in the field. RFID enables system integrators to track tools or supplies on a vehicle. These concepts have application from construction to emergency services to heavy industries such as mining, petrochemicals, oil, rail operations and more.

Trimble also has experience deploying RFID technologies for emerging markets where security, vehicle finance and other considerations play a large role in automotive growth.

Inertial Sensors Coupled with GPS

Inertial sensors including accelerometers and gyroscopes extend the capabilities of GPS and GNSS positioning solutions. With heading and other information, calculations of position can include dead reckoning (DR). When automotive DR is coupled with GPS or GNSS, difficult locations for satellite solutions show improved results (improved "availability"). Examples include downtown high-rise (urban canyons), mountainous terrain and deep mine pits.

Other problem areas with improvements include under dense foliage and, road overpasses and in tunnels. Trimble OEM modules such as Aardvark DR+GPS and asset tracking devices such as the A3000 use these advanced techniques for higher quality positioning under all circumstances.