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TAP 68C light vehicle GPS tracker
  • GPS tracking of vehicle location
  • Quad-band GPRS with SMS for management and control
  • Message store-and-forward for cell coverage loss
  • Anti-tampering enclosure: tampering & anti-theft alerts
  • Internal GSM & GPS antennas
  • 12 volt & 24 volt vehicle operation
  • Driving behavior monitoring & incident recording (option)
  • Vehicle CAN bus (OBD 2) monitoring option (option)

TAP 68C Light Vehicle Tracker

Trimble Automotive Platform Tracker with OBD-2 CAN bus option

TAP 68C is designed for light vehicles, passenger cars or light duty trucks. The asset tracker is suitable for leased/financed vehicles, car rental fleets, taxi fleets, service vehicles, and pickup and delivery fleets. In addition to GPS locations and tracking, there are security and anti-theft features such as tampering alert, panic button, vehicle immobilization and more are available. For most vehicle manufactured after 1996, TAP 68C’s OBD-2 CAN bus interface is available as an option. This feature provides useful vehicle operating parameters such as trip odometer, RPM, vehicle speed, fuel usage, coolant temperature and "Check Engine Light” diagnostic trouble codes to help fleet owners manage fuel costs, vehicle health and scheduled maintenance to avoid vehicle breakdown and fuel theft.

  • Know your vehicle location
  • Recover your vehicle if it is stolen
  • Save fuel by monitoring your driver
  • Secure your driver and vehicle
  • Monitor for aggressive driver behavior
  • Connect aftermarket access control & keyless entry systems (open platform)
  • Upgrade applications and features by remote access
  • Ruggedized design - operates in harsh environments
  • Anti-tampering features - prevent driver abuse, prevent theft, aid recovery of vehicle after theft
  • IP54 enclosure - protection against dust and splashed water
  • Store-and-forward design - operate in poor wireless coverage area
  • OBD-2 option - direct capture of vehicle data and diagnostic codes
  • Flexible I/O ports - capture digital, analog and vehicle bus data
  • OTA (Over The Air) software update
  • OTA diagnostics and device configuration