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Trimble Technology Sales Group

TAP 66 ruggedized asset tracker with IP67 ingress protection
  • Anti-tampering enclosure: tampering & anti-theft alerts
  • Driving behavior monitoring & incident recording
  • Message store-and-forward for coverage loss
  • Vehicle CAN bus monitoring option
  • Quad-band GPRS with SMS for management and control
  • Internal GSM & GPS antennas
  • IP-67 environmental protection
  • 12 volt & 24 volt vehicle operation

Trimble Automotive Platform (TAP) with GPS Tracking

TAP 66 Ruggedized Asset Tracker with IP67 enclosure

TAP 66 is a ruggedized, anti-tampering GPS and asset tracking telematics platform adaptable to a wide range of fleet mobile resource management applications under extreme hostile environment of water, dust, heat and vibration conditions. Its advanced GPRS modem management design combined with store-and-forward message storage and highly robust communication protocol enables the TAP66 to deal with the most degraded and fragmented cellular coverage and signal conditions. TAP66 seamlessly integrates and interoperates with all transportation and logistics fleet management, supply chain and mobile asset management systems through a secure and versatile wireless communication interface. Driver Safety (DSS) monitoring and aggressive behavior incident report is available as an option.

  • Know your vehicle location
  • Detect and eliminate equipment tampering
  • Theft recovery (vehicle and asset applications)
  • Save fuel by driver monitoring
  • Secure your driver and cargo
  • Monitor for aggressive driver behavior
  • Open platform - connect to vehicle sensors
  • Upgrade applications and features by remote access
  • Ruggedized design
  • Anti-tampering features - prevent driver abuse, prevent theft, aid recovery of vehicle after theft
  • IP67 enclosure - dust protection & water immersion to 1 meter
  • Store-and-forward design - operate in poor wireless coverage area
  • Flexible I/O ports - capture digital, analog and vehicle bus data
  • Built-in alerts - capture driver behavior & vehicle operations
  • OTA (Over The Air) software update
  • OTA diagnostics & device control