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Dead Reckoning plus GPS asset tracker for urban canyons
  • Combines DR (dead reckoning) with GPS for high availability
  • Tracks position in urban canyons, mines, tunnels and underpasses
  • Extended operating temperature -40 to +85 C
  • Onboard gyro
  • 12 volt & 24 volt vehicle operation

A3000 DR+GPS Asset Tracking Device

Dead-Reckoning Combined with GPS Positioning

The A3000 DR+GPS device combines dead reckoning (DR) capabilities with GPS to produce accurate and instantaneous positions, even under the most difficult conditions. It supports a broad range of vehicle monitoring, management and recovery applications. The A3000 dramatically improves quality of service and customer satisfaction and retention, helping tracking service providers to maximize revenue opportunities.

Hardware architecture

The A3000 encompasses a GPS positioning solution plus dead reckoning capabilities, a comprehensive vehicle interface section, and rich set of options. It is offered in a standard configurations as well as custom configurations for specific customers and applications.

  • GPS positioning solution
  • Priority dead reckoning solution
  • Backup battery interface

Model Variations

  • -30 single axis gyro, wheel tick measurements
  • -50 three-axis gyro, wheel tick measurements, any angle mounting, capable of self-calibration for mounting angle

  • In-Car Navigations
  • Telematics Systems
  • Fleet Management
  • Activity-Based Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Road Pricing
  • Remote Asset Monitoring
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Urban canyons/mines/underpass/tunnel
  • Map aiding interface available
  • Onboard gyro
  • Easy installation into vehicle systems
  • Extended operating temperature -40 to +85 C
  • Automotive-grade enclosure
  • NiMH battery option
  • ESD and short-circuit protection
  • HIPPO protocol ??
  • IP 54 ingress protection
  • SMA external GPS antenna connection