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We offer a range of asset trackers for system integrators to create custom asset tracking and telematics solutions. Products include the TAP series with configurable applications; and the A3000 for applications that require high reliability dead reckoning positioning.

  • Asset tracking
  • Route compliance
  • Fuel management
  • Emergency response
  • Geofencing
  • Theft recovery
  • Driver behavior management
  • Usage based insurance (UBI)
Asset Tracking Products
TAP66 Ruggedized Asset Tracker
TAP66 Ruggedized Asset Tracker
Ruggedized, anti-tampering GPS asset tracking telematics platform adaptable to a wide range of fleet mobile resource management applications under extreme hostile environmental conditions of water, dust, heat and vibration. DSS driver safety monitoring and aggressive driving behavior incident report is available as an option.
TAP 68 Light Vehicle Tracker
TAP 68 Light Vehicle Tracker
For light vehicles, passenger cars or light duty trucks including leased/financed vehicles, car rental fleets, taxi fleets, service vehicles, light pickup and delivery vans and trucks. Security and anti-theft features including tamper alert, panic button and vehicle immobilizer are available. OBD-2 CAN bus interface option for vehicle operating conditions, trip distance and fuel usage logs.
A3000 DR+ GPS Asset Tracker
A3000 DR+ GPS Asset Tracker
The A3000 is Dead Reckoning (DR) + Global Position System (GPS) enabled device which allow users to easily enable dead reckoning capability to existing telematics box or asset tracking device. With the addition of inertial sensors and speedometer input from the vehicle, the A3000 can provide accurate position information in difficult environments where GPS alone is not enough.