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Remote Equipment Monitoring and Control

Serial Radio Installations Offer Alternative to Monthly Carrier Fees

Environmental Monitoring by Data Radio

Remote Sensor Monitoring by Telemetry Radio or Cellular M2M

Telemetry, Monitoring & M2M

Trimble Data Radios and Asset Trackers for OEM and System Integrator Flexibility

Telemetry , machine to machine , internet of things, pervasive computing, scaleable edge nodes and smarter planet are all terms that embrace similar concepts of automatic exchange of data between computer systems or between computer systems and sensors or between computer systems and actuators.

Trimble offers several asset trackers with GPS positioning and cellular communications to support M2M and telemetry applications. Offerings include off-the-shelf units and programmable units for higher levels of system integration.

Diversity of Design Approach

The term "M2M" is often assumed to be associated with mobile phone network data connection. M2M can be based on any communications technology including wired and wireless systems other than the phone network. Trimble offers a range of embedded radio modules and finished radios suitable for M2M applications.

Technology Flexibility for Diverse Monitoring Applications

Tracking remote sensors is a perfect M2M application. If they are temporary installations or the sensors occasionally move location, M2M using cellular data is good. If they are permanently installed, then data radios may be more economic, eliminating monthly fees for higher capital investment installation and permanent siting of equipment. Example applications include:

  • Remote tank level monitoring
  • Water pumping station monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Pipeline pressure monitoring