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Powering Productivity, Worldwide

Helping the world's on-land commercial vehicle industry achieve greater overall fleet performance. We provide innovative and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems that enable managers to get data-driven business intelligence at their fingertips. To make better decisions that lead to greater overall profitability.

More for Your People

Automated solutions that:

  • Improve driver safety
  • Strengthen driver and firm compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction

More for Productivity

Tools that help you:

  • Increase driver and back-office efficiency
  • Drive down fuel usage and operational costs
  • Optimize asset utilization

More for the Planet

Applications designed to help you:

  • Conserve and monitor fuel usage, idling and emissions
  • Measure and reduce your fleet's carbon footprint
  • Power an environmentally cleaner, more efficient fleet

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Enterprise Software

TMW Systems

Enterprise software solutions for transportation and logistics companies in North America, Europe, China and Latin America.

ALK Technologies, Inc

Global leader in GeoLogistics™ (a portfolio of specialized enterprise solutions for worldwide routing, mileage and mapping) and navigation software used to enhance transportation and mobility.

Mobile Solutions

PeopleNet North America

Fleet management solutions, mobile communications and onboard computing systems for North America.

GEOTrac, North America

Fleet management and lone worker safety solutions for the oil and gas industry including GIS Mapping, Web-based software and rugged hardware that is climate appropriate.

Trimble Transportation & Logistics

Scalable transport management solutions for companies.


Trimble Transport & Logistics, India

Fleet Management & Cargo Visibility Solution for transporter, 3PL and shippers in India & South Asia region.


Vusion, North America

A data integration and analytics company, helping fleets make better, more predictive decisions.


Software for the Transportation and Logistics industry with flexible reporting tools that pre-calculate salaries and expenses, track hours, monitor key performance indicators and improve report-building capabilities in the back office.