ur Facebook fans have spoken once again: after our editors chose the top three photos and posted them on Face-
book (www.facebook.com/TrimbleSurvey), our fans chose the top two winners. First place—and a Trimble 3-in-1 
all-weather jacket—goes to “Sometimes Four Hooves Beat Four Wheels,” which received the most Facebook fan 

votes. Second place—and an iPod Shuffle—goes to “Looking Up in the Finnish Forest.” See the other options, which are 
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contest winners. 

Sometimes Four Hooves Beat Four Wheels
Engineer Yasser Sayed submitted this photo taken in Al 
Qassim, Saudi Arabia, where the Abdul Rahman Al Jazzar 
Engineering Consultancy was performing a land surveying 
project for the Directorate of Water. Engineer Mohamed 
Shaker is using the Trimble R8 GNSS VRS


 Rover to survey 

160 km


 (62 mi


) in very rough country, studded with 

volcanic rocks. Early on, difficulties arose with using cars 
and pitch buggies in such terrain. This sure-footed donkey, 
rented from a local shepherd, provided the FFD (4-footed 
drive) mobility solution. Says Sayed, “At 20 SR ($5.35 USD) 
per day, the donkey was a good deal!”

Looking Up in the Finnish Forest
Finnish surveyor Jani Koivuniemi sent in this intriguing 
photo that shows the testing group of the National Land 
Survey of Finland. “I took this picture while we were testing 
and comparing the performance of the new R10 vs. R8 
GNSS receivers,” wrote Koivuniemi. “We tested them in 
hostile surveying environments in Finnish forests from 
February to June. In the winter; temperatures were about 
–100 C (140 F) at the testing grounds in Kuopio, Finland.” 
Pictured are Koivuniemi (below); Teppo Peltomäki (left); 
Antti Fager-Pintilä (top); and Esko Kananen (right). 

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