Dear Readers, 

It’s an exciting time to be a geospatial 

professional. Whether you’re a surveying, 

mapping and GIS, engineer, architect 

or other professional, new advances in 

geospatial technologies are continuing 

to open up new business opportunities. 

You’ll read about a few of them in our 

latest issue of Technology&more. 

In this issue, you will learn how: 

Engineers use total stations to monitor 

10 tunnel blasting operations through 

mountains in the UAE; geospatial 

technology helps determine deforestation rates in Laos; innovative 

surveying techniques verify the safety of a busy aerial cable car 

service over Germany’s Rhine River; an expanding nuclear power 

station in England uses an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to 

obtain timely information about its extensive site for construction 

planning; an automated monitoring system helps keep a con-

struction project running smoothly and fosters good community 

relations in one of London’s most expensive areas; and many more. 

In all of these projects, Trimble® equipment and technologies help 

users do their jobs faster and more productively—and in some cases, 

do work that literally couldn’t have been done a few years ago. 

You’ll also learn how Trimble VISION


 technology, which enables 

users to collect survey data, stream video and capture panoramic 

images, is delivering measurable benefits in safety, flexibility and 

productivity in an array of applications. And how Trimble's new, 

energy-efficient building is a shining example of new standards in 

construction collaboration and efficiency. 

Mark your calendars for the next Trimble Dimensions International 

User Conference, November 3–5, 2014, at the Mirage Hotel and 

Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last held in 2012, the 

conference had the largest attendance in its history with more than 

3,600 registered attendees from over 80 countries. With a wide 

variety of training and networking opportunities, attendees had 

more than 480 sessions to choose from and multiple daily events. 

Many new options are planned for 2014; we hope you’ll consider 

joining us. If you want to learn more when details are available, 

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And now, enjoy this issue of Technology&more. 

Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson: Vice President

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