“The light weight of the R10 means that I can manage it easily with one arm,” Humphrey said. “The eBubble shows me 
clearly when an accurate measurement is possible. I’m operating on my own and I now have a free hand to operate the 
spray paint I need to mark each recorded pile because the point has been recorded automatically for me. This has hugely 
accelerated what is a long and repetitive task.” Humphrey estimates that the eBubble feature has sped up the survey of the 
piles by more than 30 percent.

The lack of any up-to-date mapping of the site means it’s not unusual to discover obscure objects, areas of contamination 
and unknown pipe work. Using the controller, Humphrey emails coordinates of these “surprises,” along with a photograph 
taken with the controller’s built-in camera, as soon as he finds them. The rapid information flow allows London Gateway 
to react quickly and cut downtime that might result from the discoveries. 

As an “on-call” surveyor, Humphrey sees the seamless data flow between himself and the engineers at London Gateway 
as critical to his work. “I’m here to collect, deliver and verify data and I can’t afford to have downtime. London Gateway 
appreciates fast service and on all of these jobs the data I collect need to be reliable and gathered quickly. The site has a 
number of quirks and the xFill capability and communications technology of the R10 has helped me out on many occa-
sions. However, sometimes it’s the simple things that really matter. With full days on a site of this size, the R10 has made 
it possible for me to move around the area quickly. I can work all day without the normal aches and pains of carrying kit 
around—definitely a first after a long day of surveying!”

The first phase of London Gateway is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2013 with an initial capacity of 1.6 million TEU 
and will pave the way for 36,000 jobs to be created.

See feature article in Professional Surveyor’s May issue: www.profsurv.com