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Technology&more to keep 

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most exciting technology 

advances, customer projects 

and applications in your field.  

This issue is no different: you’ll 

find innovative projects from 

Australia to Burkina Faso, China 

to the U.K.  You’ll read about 

creating a 3D model of the 

Palace of Versailles in France 

using Trimble® SketchUp; moni-

toring the elephant population 

in Burkina Faso using the Gatewing X100 unmanned 

aircraft system (UAS); surveying for a unique skyscraper in 

Germany; creating China’s first digital mine using a Trimble 

FX™ 3D scanner; a discussion on whether the need for post 

processing remains in the days of RTK; and much more.  

You may notice how most of our project stories illustrate 

the increasing connection between field and office. 

Today’s geospatial professionals have become data 

managers who provide increasingly valuable deliverables 

to their clients. This worldwide trend plays a key part in 

helping geospatial professionals expand their role—and 

business—by facilitating efficient dataflow between 

field and office. The geospatial professionals’ ability to 

process vast amounts of data and pass the resulting 

information on to the client in readily useable form is 

both redefining their role and increasing the scope and 

value of their services. We hope that one or more of these 

articles will provide useful ideas and information that 

will help you discover a new way to tackle your everyday 

challenges—or even help you redefine your role in the 

growing geospatial world. 

You’ll also find the latest of our new “Day in the Life” fea-

tures in this issue.  Profiling a wide-spectrum of geospatial 

professionals, this story focuses on where most of us start: 

as a student. Read about Julien Clifford, a geomatics major 

at Texas A&M University-Corpus Crispi.  Watch for more 

profiles in future issues.  

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And now, enjoy this issue of Technology&more. 

Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson: Vice President

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• Australia  pg. 6
  A Hot Survey!

• U.S.  pg. 12
  Efficient Mobile Mapping 

• France  pg. 14
  SketchUp Models a Palace

• China  pg. 18
  Creating a Digital Mine