Putting It All Together 
The massive amounts of data in the model created unexpected challenges when it came to rendering and subsequent 
export to Google Earth, as well as the film animation work. As a result, the project team had to seek additional help from 
SketchUp experts in Colorado, where Luyt presented the project and received the necessary support. 

Luyt brought together Abvent and film production company, Aloest Productions, as well as other geomodelers. Solutions 
for exporting the SketchUp models into Google Earth and for film animation were collaboratively worked out as a team. 
The international SketchUp community, which is passionate about the software, also proved its value in helping to 
solve problems.

The SketchUp models prepared during the project formed the basis for wide-ranging Versailles marketing applications 
in the field of new media, while the animated models became the core content of www.versailles3d.com. Embedded 
in the real surroundings, the films vividly illustrate how Versailles has changed over the centuries. Potential visitors and 
others interested can get an almost photographic view of the entire complex and some internal rooms beforehand. 

Today, when visitors tour the actual Palace, they enter through 11 recently remodeled rooms never before shown to the 
public. The new rooms showcase Versailles’ history with never-before displayed art and furniture; the remodeled areas 
also highlight the SketchUp models and show films that walk viewers through the history of the Palace. 

The complete Versailles model can now be seen on Google Earth: the palace, the extensive gardens with park chateaux, 
the water features and the many statues. As a result—thanks to SketchUp, the 3D modeling expertise of Bertier Luyt, 
and a tremendous effort by a creative and dedicated project team—the historical heritage and architectural beauty of 
the palace is now accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, even if they never have the chance to visit Versailles 
in person.

More info here: http://www.versailles3d.com/en/the-new-exhibition-rooms/gallery.html

See feature article in POB’s April issue: www.pobonline.com