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Technical Support

Preferred Support plans are pre-paid support case bundles offered to customers in addition to the existing support provided by local distribution partners.

Survey and Construction customers with pre-paid Preferred Support plans will need to register at in order to obtain a unique Preferred Support Code. Customers then call the Preferred Support phone numbers and enter their Preferred Support codes. If you are interested in purchasing Trimble Preferred Support, please contact your local Trimble Distributor.

Find your nearest distributor partner.

Note: There are currently no Preferred Support plans available for Mobile Computing Solutions products. Contact your local distribution partner for support options for Mobile Computing Solutions products.

The following products areas operate paid technical support programs which are independent of Preferred Support:
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Mapping & GIS

Distribution Partner Technical Support
  1. When you contact Technical Support using the telephone system there will be a series of voice prompts and depending on whether your Caller ID is recognized, you may be asked to enter your Trimble issued Company Code. Entering your Company Code will help us identify your company. Distribution Partners are reminded that support cases can also be submitted using the Support Portal at
  2. If you have registered access to the Trimble Partners' website, your number will be displayed in your profile. Navigate through the following steps:
  3. From, pull down the "Support and Training" tab and select "Partners' site".
  4. From the Partners' site, log in, or create an account if you don't already have one. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on the "Forgot password" link.
  5. Once logged in, select your profile to view the "Company Code".

For Americas (United States, Canada & Latin America):

Construction Technical Support Phone 1-888-562-2207
VisionLink Technical Support Phone 1-888-801-4363
Survey Technical Support Phone 1-877-224-2084
Infrastructure Technical Support Phone 1-888-879-2207
Mobile Computing Solutions Technical Support Phone 1-877-632-3813
Oil, Gas & Chemical Technical Support Phone 1-866-537-1669
Energy Distribution Utilities Technical Support Phone 1-800-827-6668
Mapping & GIS Paid Priority Support Phone 1-866-560-6200

For South America:

Construction Technical Support Phone 1-720-439-3727
VisionLink Technical Support Phone 1-720-381-3998
Survey Technical Support Phone 1-720-961-3997
Infrastructure Technical Support Phone 1-720-439-3729
Mobile Computing Solutions Technical Support Phone 1-877-632-3813
Oil, Gas & Chemical Technical Support Phone 1-720-439-3728
Mapping & GIS Paid Priority Support Phone 1-720-439-3730

For Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):

Construction Technical Support Phone +49-7112-2954-462
VisionLink Technical Support Phone +49-7112-2954-467
VisionLink Technical Support (Germany) Phone +49-0800-1880-958
Survey Technical Support Phone  +49-7112-2954-461
Infrastructure Technical Support Phone +49-7112-2954-468
Mapping & GIS Technical Support Phone +49-7112-2954-464
Oil, Gas & Chemical Technical Support Phone +49-7112-2954-465
Mobile Computing Solutions Technical Support Phone +49-7112-2954-467

For Asia Pacific & China (APAC):

Survey Technical Support (Australia) Phone +61-7-3188-2998
Survey Technical Support (New Zealand) Phone +64-4-831-9407
Survey Technical Support (Singapore) Phone +65-3158-1418
Construction Technical Support (Australia) Phone +61-7-3188-2999
Construction Technical Support (New Zealand) Phone +64-4-831-9408
Construction Technical Support (Singapore) Phone +65-3158-1419
VisionLink Technical Support (India) Phone 0008 001 005 836
VisionLink Technical Support (Australia) Phone 1800-793-918
Mapping & GIS Technical Support (Australia) Phone +61-7-3188-6000
Mapping & GIS Technical Support (New Zealand) Phone +64-4-831-9409
Mapping & GIS Technical Support (Singapore) Phone +65-3158-1420
Infrastructure Technical Support (Australia) Phone +61-7-3188-6002
Infrastructure Technical Support (New Zealand) Phone +64-4-831-9411
Infrastructure Technical Support (Singapore) Phone +65-3158-1422
China Technical Support (Survey, Construction, Infrastructure, Mapping & GIS) Phone 4006709659*
Mobile Computing Solutions Technical Support Phone +61-731-886-048

*the phone number for China Technical Support is only available within China