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Program Components

Trimble's Small Business Program (SBP) is comprised of 8 core components.

  • Program Core - The program infrastructure: Staffing and support Team and Program Components
  • Strategic Plan - The SBP plan for accomplishing specific objectives in a given year
  • Management Participation - The SBP has full executive management support and participation
  • Customer Requirements - SB requirements generated by Trimble customers
  • Small Business Goals - SBP sets subcontracting goals to attain each year
  • Internal Efforts - SBP is self-administrating
  • External Efforts - SBP efforts to promote the program and to identify and assist Small Businesses
  • Program Review - A semi-annual review/assessment of the SBP accomplishments and success against goals

These interdependent components support and enhance each other, resulting in a robust program that ensures success of the Small Business Program.