Monitoring During Construction

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  • Monitor construction zones continuously and automatically.
  • Customize systems using Trimble instruments and software.
  • Operate and control monitoring sensors, even at remote locations.
  • Provide clients with information based on rigorous data analysis.
  • Move and resize monitoring systems as needed by project location and schedules.

Monitoring During Construction

Monitoring plays a crucial role in today’s project environment. Excavation, tunneling and other railway construction activities can affect buildings and structures near construction zones. These structures must be monitored to understand their dynamics during construction. Trimble Monitoring Systems increase project safety and reduce risk to your construction schedule.

A Trimble Monitoring System uses Trimble GNSS and Total Stations to make precise measurements according to your project needs. Automated systems can measure 24/7 and automatically record and analyze the results in real time. The Trimble system can detect motion and notify project teams before problems occur.

Monitoring measurements are controlled by Trimble 4D Control Software, which uses Trimble’s advanced processing technology to manage and analyze the data. Results are available immediately, and the system can issue alerts based on user-defined conditions. As railway construction progresses, instruments can be relocated along the alignment or assigned to other projects and uses. The scalable system makes it easy to add additional sensors and capacity as your project changes.

Trimble Monitoring Systems feature the Trimble Web Module, which provides mobility and secure Internet access. Designated personnel can view results and system status from any location.

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Solutions
  • Reduced risk to schedule and assets
  • Protect workers and equipment
  • Use Trimble equipment for other tasks when not monitoring
  • Prevent damage to surrounding areas
  • Share information among project stakeholders
  • Comply with legal and contract requirements
  • View results from any location via Web interface
  • Precise monitoring measurements using Trimble Total Stations and GNSS
  • Fully automated operation
  • Remote control and configuration
  • Rugged, field-tested equipment
  • Simultaneous operation of GNSS networks and total stations
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Web access for complete review
  • Support for third party geotechnical sensors
  • SQL database for access by external software
  • Expert training and technical support
  • Trimble R9 GNSS Reference Receiver
    • Unparalleled GNSS tracking performance
    • USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet and serial communications
  • Trimble S8 Total Station
    • Precise measurement up to 2,500 meters
    • Trimble Long-Range FineLock
    • Trimble MagDrive for silent operation
    • Campaign or continuous operation
  • Trimble 4D Control Software
    • Automated monitoring
    • Data analysis
    • Reports and alerts
    • Scalable systems and solutions
  • Trimble Access Software
    • Campaign monitoring
    • Surveying applications