Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance Solutions

Rail infrastructure needs constant maintenance to ensure safety and reliability. Trimble offers a variety of solutions from track inspection, railway monitoring, fixed and mobile asset management to weed control. Please click here to get more information and a detailed overview of the GEDO systems.

Track Surveying

Trimble's trolley solutions consist of high precision electronic sensors for gauge and cant measurements on a track surveying vehicle with a control unit. Several systems are available, each one customized to meet a particular set of requirements for your railway needs. The system can be adapted for work at different gauges and is also suitable to work on slab track. With a trolley system you have the ability to compare designed and as-built data in real time. In addition the solution may be used as a pre-surveying system for tamping machines.


During the long life cycles of railway infrastructure, railway structures and surrounding landscape and objects can move or change. Rail operators use monitoring to understand the dynamics of natural and man-made objects over time.

Mobile Data Capture

Trimble's geospatial solution portfolio has been designed to put information to work. Mobile sensors on the land, in the air or indoors capture geo-referenced images and point clouds that are exploited using production-scale feature extraction. The result: high-fidelity models that increase business productivity and improve decision-making.

Mapping & GIS Data Collection

If your organization is managing critical assets, you can increase efficiency—both in the field and in the office—with dedicated data collection workflows and Trimble GNSS handhelds. Trimble's GIS data collection and asset management solutions harness the strength of your distributed team to provide geo-enabled data you can trust.

Weed Control

The WeedSeeker system helps you cut overall weed-control costs by up to 80% by saving on chemical costs, cutting down on time and labor, and reducing the environmental impact of your field activities. WeedSeeker uses advanced optics and computer circuitry to sense if a weed is present. For example when a weed enters the sensor's field of view, it signals a spray nozzle to deliver a precise amount of herbicide. The weedseeker is designed to only spray weeds and not the bare ground, so it is effective wherever weeds occur intermittently.