Feasibility Solutions

Feasibility Solutions

Site exploration, production of large scale topography and orthophotos, establishment of basic control and alignment control networks can be very time consuming. Trimble's integrated railway solutions can enhance your productivity, improve coordinate reliability, and optimize the alignment.

Trimble Alignment Planning

Using proven Trimble Quantm technology, planners and designers now have the ability to minimize the environmental and social impact of rail projects, while reducing construction and operating costs for tax payers and project owners. Projects of all types and sizes, from regional, state and national transportation infrastructure planning to mining freight rail can benefit from Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning solutions.

GIS Data Collection

Trimble offers positioning solutions specifically designed for attribute-rich information required for GIS applications. With highly productive and accurate real-time mapping solutions you can be sure of getting the accuracy you need for your as-built mapping requirements in the field, when you need them.

Aerial Mapping

Trimble's aerial mapping solutions are comprised of high-performance sensors and software that may be flexibly combined to support asset corridor mapping missions for the rail industry. And as your mission requirements grow, Trimble offers attractive upgrade and product bundling options to expand your solution implementation from the acquisition of images and point clouds, to photogrammetric processing, digital surface modeling and feature extraction.