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February 2015

February 09 - Trimble Launches Application-Based Environment on its TMX-2050 Display
February 09 - Trimble Introduces Land Forming Solution to Optimize Field Surfaces for Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage

January 2015

January 20 - Trimble Adds Analytic Tool for Determining Field Profitability in its Connected Farm Solution; Introduces New Field Record-Keeping App

December 2014

December 23 - Trimble Acquires IRON Solutions, Inc. to Broaden its Connected Farm Solution for Growers, Ag Dealers and Agronomists
December 17 - Trimble Expands PurePixel Solution to Canadian and European Agriculture Markets
December 10 - Trimble Obtains Exemption to Operate its Unmanned Aircraft System

November 2014

November 07 - Trimble Concludes its 7th International User Conference with Record Breaking Attendance

August 2014

August 26 - Trimble's Connected Farm Now Includes a Field Data Management Solution for Farmers and their Advisors
August 26 - Trimble's RainWave Solution Now Maps Rainfall Amounts within Entire Fields
August 26 - Trimble Conducts Live Demonstrations of NextSwath End of Row Turns with Automatic Implement Compensation for Agriculture
August 11 - Trimble Adds Advanced Line Acquisition to its Autopilot Steering System

June 2014

June 26 - Trimble Opens Registration for Dimensions 2014 User Conference
June 19 - Trimble Adds Vegetation Health Monitoring Service to its Connected Farm Solution
June 03 - Trimble Adds New Agronomic Service to its Connected Farm Solution

May 2014

May 30 - Trimble Announces Call for Speakers for its Dimensions User Conference
May 22 - Trimble Adds Automatic Drainage Pipe Sizing to its Farm Works Surface Software

April 2014

April 28 - Trimble Irrigate-IQ Solution Now Available in North America

January 2014

January 21 - Trimble Adds Unmanned Aircraft System to its Agriculture Portfolio for Aerial Imaging and Mapping

December 2013

December 12 - Trimble Acquires Assets of C3 to Further Strengthen its Connected Farm Solution

November 2013

November 14 - Trimble's Connected Farm Solution Adds New RainWave Precipitation Monitoring Feature

August 2013

August 27 - Trimble Acquires Assets of RainWave and Hydro-Engineering to Extend its Connected Farm Solution
August 27 - Trimble to Enter Irrigation Market with the Acquisition of IQ Irrigation Assets
August 27 - Trimble Launches Connected Farm Dashboard
August 27 - Trimble Introduces Next Generation Agriculture Display

July 2013

July 24 - Trimble Introduces New Agriculture App for Fleet Management

January 2013

January 21 - Trimble's Connected Farm App Further Automates Use and Efficiency of GreenSeeker Handheld
January 21 - Trimble Adds Remote Diagnostics to its Connected Farm Solution
January 21 - Trimble Introduces a New High-Accuracy Correction Service for Agriculture Powered by Trimble RTX Technology
January 21 - Trimble Introduces xFill Technology for Agriculture to Sustain RTK Positioning During Radio or Internet Outages

November 2012

November 19 - Trimble Expands CenterPoint RTX Correction Service to Farmers Worldwide
November 14 - Trimble Adds New Features to its Connected Farm Solution to Enhance Farming Operations

October 2012

October 22 - Trimble Adds Boom Height Control to its Field-IQ Crop Input Control System

August 2012

August 28 - Trimble Introduces Yield Monitoring for its CFX-750 Display
August 28 - Trimble Introduces Connected Farm App for Smartphones
August 28 - Trimble Introduces Portable WM-Topo Survey System for Water Management
August 06 - Trimble Introduces GreenSeeker Handheld Crop Sensor for Agriculture

June 2012

June 20 - Trimble to Deliver High-Accuracy CenterPoint RTX Correction Service to Farmers in Latin America

March 2012

March 06 - Trimble Sets Date for International User Conference

January 2012

January 17 - Trimble Partners with U.S. Sugar for Agriculture Solutions
January 17 - Trimble Partners with Great American Insurance Group to Automate Crop Reporting
January 17 - Trimble Announces Innovations for Planting and Spreading Operations that Add Seeding Efficiency and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
January 17 - Trimble Expands the Connected Farm with Online User Portal
January 17 - Trimble Expands High-Accuracy CenterPoint RTX Correction Service to Farmers Worldwide

September 2011

September 26 - Trimble to Deliver High-Accuracy CenterPoint RTX Correction Service to Farmers in Australia

August 2011

August 30 - Trimble Introduces High-Accuracy Assisted Steering System for Agriculture Market
August 30 - Trimble Introduces Complete Drainage Solution for Agricultural Water Management
August 23 - Trimble Expands Harvest Solution to Include Yield Monitoring and Row Guidance

July 2011

July 12 - Trimble Expands Product Training and Support for Agriculture

June 2011

June 30 - Trimble Introduces New High-Accuracy GNSS Correction Service for Agriculture Market

January 2011

January 18 - Trimble Announces New Capabilities for its Field-IQ Crop Input Control System
January 18 - Trimble Adds New Functionality to its Connected Farm Solution
January 18 - Trimble's DCM-300 Modem Provides Access to VRS RTK Corrections, Asset Tracking and Data Transfer for Agriculture
January 18 - Trimble Launches VRS Now Service in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

November 2010

November 11 - Trimble Wraps Up 5th International User Conference with Record Breaking Attendance
November 01 - Trimble Introduces the AG GCS200 Grade Control System and CB60 Control Box for Agricultural Water Management

September 2010

September 30 - Trimble Announces Keynote Speakers for 5th International User Conference
September 13 - Trimble Acquires Cengea to Expand its Forestry Solutions

August 2010

August 31 - Trimble Introduces New CFX-750 Display for Affordable Guidance, Steering and Precision Agriculture Capabilities
August 31 - Trimble Announces Expanded Capabilities for Field-IQ System
August 31 - Trimble Adds EZ-Remote Joystick for Fingertip Control of Trimble In-Cab Agriculture Displays

March 2010

March 24 - Trimble to Offer More Acres of Sub-Inch Accuracy with VRS Now Ag Service

February 2010

February 11 - Trimble Introduces EZ-Sync Wireless Data Transfer Solution for Growers and Agribusiness
February 11 - Trimble Introduces EZ-Surface Software to Provide Surface Drainage Analysis and Design for Farmers and Drainage Contractors

December 2009

December 03 - Trimble Introduces Field-IQ Crop Input Control System
December 03 - Trimble Expands Precision Agriculture Capabilities to Include Yield Monitoring and Mapping

November 2009

November 20 - Trimble Expands EZ-Office Agriculture Software Capabilities for Field and Office

September 2009

September 02 - Trimble Introduces New FmX Functionality for Agriculture Guidance Applications
September 02 - Trimble Introduces Ag3000 Modem to Access VRS Networks for High Accuracy Farming Applications

July 2009

July 17 - Trimble Acquires Farm Works Software Assets to Expand its Precision Agriculture Solutions

June 2009

June 05 - Trimble Acquires NTech Industries to Extend its Precision Agriculture Solutions Business

April 2009

April 22 - Trimble GPS Mapping Solutions Receive TÜV Certification for EU Agricultural Directive Commission Regulation 796/04

January 2009

January 20 - Trimble Introduces New FmX Display with Dual Integrated GNSS Receivers for Precision Agriculture Applications
January 20 - Trimble Introduces the AgGPS 262 and 162 Receivers Featuring Transcend Positioning Technology
January 20 - Trimble Introduces a Variable Rate Application Option for its EZ-Guide 500 Guidance System
January 14 - Trimble Announces More Autopilot and EZ-Steer Platforms

December 2008

December 04 - Trimble Acquires Assets of Rawson Control Systems to Further Expand its Flow and Application Control Solutions

October 2008

October 31 - Trimble Acquires Tru Count Assets to Expand its Precision Agriculture Solutions

January 2008

January 22 - Trimble Introduces Affordable and Easy to Use Lightbar Guidance System for Agriculture
January 22 - New EZ-Office Software from Trimble Streamlines Flow of Agriculture Information Between the Field and Office
January 22 - New Trimble Agriculture Manager System Improves Productivity of Field Operations

August 2007

August 28 - Trimble and DICKEY-john Partner to Offer Farmers a Wide Range of "Hybrid" Precision Farming Solutions

February 2007

February 12 - Trimble Introduces New AgGPS 442 GNSS Receiver with GLONASS and GPS L2C Satellite Signal Capabilities for Agriculture Applications

January 2007

January 23 - Trimble Introduces New Lightbar Guidance System with Large Color Display and Multiple Accuracy Options for Agriculture

October 2006

October 17 - Trimble Introduces Implement Steering for the AgGPS Autopilot RTK System

August 2006

August 29 - Trimble Combines GPS Guidance and Rate Control to Automate Agricultural Spraying Operations

January 2006

January 27 - Trimble Unveils New Display for its Autopilot Systems

August 2005

August 30 - Trimble Adds T2 Terrain Compensation Technology to EZ-Steer and EZ-Guide Plus Systems
August 30 - Trimble Introduces New AgGPS 332 Receiver with Multiple GPS Correction and Accuracy Options
August 30 - Trimble Adds Slow Speed to AgGPS Autopilot Automated Steering System

December 2004

December 01 - Trimble Transforms Lightbar Guidance into Assisted or Automated Steering for Agriculture Applications

October 2004

October 19 - Trimble Adds Curves to AgGPS Autopilot Automated Steering System
October 19 - Trimble Showcases AgGPS FieldLevel at Sunbelt Expo

August 2004

August 30 - Trimble Takes Lightbar Guidance to New Accuracy Levels in Agriculture
August 06 - Ag Leader Technology Teams with Trimble for Interface to AgGPS Autopilot System
August 03 - Trimble Adds Precision to Harvesting Operations

February 2004

February 10 - Trimble Introduces All-in-One AgGPS Receiver
February 06 - KEE Teams with Trimble for Ag Auto-Steering

January 2004

January 09 - Trimble's EZ-Guide Plus System Sets New Standard for Lightbar Guidance

December 2003

December 17 - HARDI, Inc. in North America to Offer Trimble's Lightbar Guidance Systems
December 02 - CNH Selects Trimble as its Automated Steering Technology Partner for New Holland and Case IH Agriculture Equipment

October 2003

October 13 - Trimble AgGPS Autopilot System Now Available on Five New Vehicle Platforms

February 2003

February 11 - Trimble Helps Farmers Level Land, Manage Water
February 11 - Trimble Adds Powerful Field Computer to AgGPS Autopilot

December 2002

December 05 - Trimble and AG-NAV Align for Ag Aerial Business

November 2002

November 05 - Trimble and Spraying Systems Take Agricultural Automation to the Next Level

September 2002

September 10 - Trimble Adds New GPS Smart Antenna to its Ag Product Line

February 2002

February 12 - Trimble's New Ag Software Turns Pocket PCs into Easy-to-Use Mapping Devices
February 12 - Farmers Let Trimble GPS Technology Do the Driving
February 07 - World's Largest Carrot Producer Picks Trimble GPS

September 2001

September 25 - Trimble Makes Parallel Swathing for Agriculture EZ and Economical
September 25 - Trimble GPS Used to Create Purdue "Train Maze"

August 2001

August 07 - Trimble Adds Significant Upgrades to Aerial Guidance System

May 2001

May 18 - Trimble Adds Portable Computer to AgGPS Product Line

April 2001

April 27 - Trimble Puts GPS Mapping in Your Pocket

February 2001

February 13 - Trimble Expands Product Portfolio in Agriculture
February 09 - Tanimura and Antle Families Choose Trimble AgGPS Autopilot System

February 2000

February 08 - Trimble Steers Agriculture in a New Direction

January 2000

January 26 - Trimble Expands Agriculture Field Management Capabilities
January 26 - Trimble Introduces Next Generation Guidance System for Agriculture Aviators

February 1999

February 11 - Trimble Continues to Add Value to Precision Farming