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November 2014

November 07 - Trimble Concludes its 7th International User Conference with Record Breaking Attendance

June 2014

June 26 - Trimble Opens Registration for Dimensions 2014 User Conference

May 2014

May 30 - Trimble Announces Call for Speakers for its Dimensions User Conference
May 22 - Trimble's Inpho 5.7 Software Features New Capabilities to Reduce Processing Time and Improve Visualization

March 2014

March 28 - Trimble Launches New Version of its eCognition Software for Advanced Geospatial Data Analysis
March 25 - BSF Swissphoto Deploys Trimble's Aerial Imaging System

February 2014

February 19 - Trimble Launches New Airborne LiDAR Systems

September 2013

September 16 - Trimble eCognition 8.9 Provides Mobile Mapping Users with Powerful Analysis Capabilities

June 2013

June 19 - Trimble Introduces Online Training Program for Imaging

October 2012

October 09 - Trimble Introduces New DSS 500 with In-FlightOrtho Map Production and Quality Control for Aerial Mapping
October 09 - Trimble Introduces Next Generation Software for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aerial LiDAR Data Production
October 09 - Trimble Delivers Land Mobile Mapping and Survey Data Analysis Powered by eCognition

May 2012

May 24 - Trimble Announces Call for Speakers for its Dimensions User Conference

March 2012

March 06 - Trimble Sets Date for International User Conference

September 2011

September 27 - Trimble Introduces Trident Analyst Software with Native 64-bit Support for Terrestrial Mobile Mapping
September 27 - Trimble's Introduces eCognition 8.7 Software with Powerful New Information Extraction Capabilities for Geospatial Data
September 06 - Trimble's New 80 Megapixel Aerial Camera Extends the Medium-Format Application Range
September 06 - Trimble's Inpho 5.4 Software Features New Capabilities to Improve Performance, Workflow and Result Quality

December 2010

December 06 - Trimble Breaks New Ground for Production Image Analysis with eCognition Software Native 64-bit Support

November 2010

November 11 - Trimble Wraps Up 5th International User Conference with Record Breaking Attendance

October 2010

October 05 - Trimble Introduces Forward Motion Compensation for its Medium-Format Aerial Camera
October 05 - Trimble Introduces New Digital Sensor System for Aerial Mapping
October 01 - Trimble Introduces New Family of Trimble Trident Analyst Software Providing Advanced GIS and CAD Information Extraction for Mobile Mapping

September 2010

September 30 - Trimble Announces Keynote Speakers for 5th International User Conference

July 2010

July 13 - Trimble Unveils State-of-the-Art Mobile Spatial Imaging System

June 2010

June 11 - Trimble Acquires Definiens' Earth Sciences Business to Expand its GeoSpatial Portfolio

May 2010

May 25 - Trimble Sets Date for its 5th International User Conference in Las Vegas

April 2010

April 28 - Trimble Introduces New Longer-Range Airborne Laser Scanning System

September 2009

September 22 - Trimble Announces New Version of its Trident-3D Software with Enhanced Automation Capabilities for LIDAR Measurement of Roadways

February 2009

February 23 - Trimble Announces New Data Capture and Analyst Software Version to Enable the Use of a New 360 Degree Camera with its Mobile Mapping Solution

September 2008

September 26 - Trimble Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire TopoSys to Extend its Geospatial Solutions Business
September 17 - Trimble Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire RolleiMetric Aerial Camera Assets from Rollei

January 2008

January 24 - Trimble Acquires Géo-3D Inc. to Provide Transportation Infrastructure Inventory Solutions

February 2007

February 14 - Trimble Acquires INPHO GmbH to Address the Geospatial Information Industry