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iWater              CONTACT
Don Rhodes
18 Goodyear, Suite 100
Irvine, CA  92618
Phone: 949-768-4549
Fax: 949-768-4155 
iWater is a licensed California Engineering Contactor that provides a team of talented people who help maintain city water and sewer systems and document everything in a GIS format that expands the cities asset information.  These combinations of knowledgeable field crews improving the system and delivering critical detail both help the city efficiently improve their system.  Our crews have California Department of Health Certificates and have many years of water infrastructure knowledge.
We have integrated the Trimble high accuracy GPS units with esri products to allow for direct connection and update of GIS assets in a full windows environment.  Thus providing real-time high accuracy GPS corrections that sync directly back to the customer’s geodatabase. All in an out of the box product we created based upon our own field crews needs.  The software product is infraMAP and is developed upon esri technology.
Our crews use the VRS high accuracy units for collecting new asssets and correcting existing locations.  We have also created may complete water and sewer geometric networks for our customers after the collection phase is complete.


  • City of Santa Ana, CA
GPS located 90,000+ assets and created the water and sewer networks. Currently use infraMAP software in mobile, tablet and desktop applications for keeping information current and completing work orders
  • City of Glendale, CA
GPS located 75,000 + water assets and customer currently uses infraMAP and Trimble devices to continue updating the water system locations and operational status.
  • San Diego Gas and Electric
Use infraMAP with Trimble devices to collect new and additional assets and keep 750,000 trees, transmission line and construction sites geographically and operationally correct and current.


  • Government
  • Public Safety
  • Urban and Municipal
  • Utilities
  • Water Resource Management