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Jeff Blanton
Woolpert, Inc.
9987 Carver Rd, Suite 450
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Phone: 513.527.2626
Fax: 513.272.8301

 Woolpert, Inc. provides client-focused solutions in architecture, surveying, engineering, design, planning, photogrammetry, information technology services, and design-build and has been providing professional surveying services since 1911. Woolpert also offers expertise and customized software for photogrammetry, GIS, transportation, and water management. By recognizing the importance of GPS in their daily operations, Woolpert has become one of the largest users of Trimble hardware products in the world.


  • Honolulu Board of Water Supply
Conducted a RTD GPS utility inventory pilot in four distinct areas on the Island of Oahu. Collected GPS locations and attributes for hydrants, valves, meters, facilities, and benchmarks using the GPS Pathfinder® Pro XRS receiver in conjunction with a ruggedized Pen Tablet computer. Existing GIS data was loaded onto the mobile computers and field verified during the inventory.

  • Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut
Conducted a full-field data collection of all water system features including hydrants, valves, pumps, tanks, and treatments plants collecting RTD GPS location and attribution information using the GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS receiver in conjunction with a ruggedized Pen Tablet Computer.

  • Pioneer Electric
Provided the most cost-effective base mapping data for their coverage area, including orthophotography, topographic sections, parcel data, and street centerline information. Used GeoXT™ handhelds to provide Pioneer Electric with a dataset of pole locations throughout the service area.

  • St. Charles, Missouri
Captured utility structures for water, sanitary and storm systems using RTD and RTK GPS using a GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS and 5800 receiver.


  • Homeland Security
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Urban & Municipal
  • Geospatial Services