Mapping & GIS: Handheld Computers with GNSS

Trimble GNSS handhelds combine a GNSS receiver with a field computer powered by a Windows Mobile® operating system, along with a range of features and accessories for the entire field workforce

Integrated systems for professional data collection

Geo 7 series
Geo 7 Series
Eliminate the barriers to field success and stay productive with the Trimble® GeoExplorer® 7 series. Get the position with Flightwave™ remote positioning, and with Floodlight™, the 7 series delivers in tough GNSS conditions.

Ultra compact and designed for everyday field work

Juno 5
Juno 5 Series
A professional smartphone-inspired handheld for geospatial workflows, the Trimble Juno 5 series together with Trimble software, is the smart solution your team can trust for standardizing inspections and asset management.

TDC100 Series
TDC100 Series
Combines modern smartphone-like user experience in a rugged, entry-level professional-grade device for precise GNSS data collection.

Juno SD Front
Juno SD
The Juno® SD handheld is a durable, lightweight handheld that integrates an array of powerful features.

Juno SA Front
Juno SA
The Juno® SA handheld* is a durable, compact field computer with an integrated high-yield GPS receiver, ideal for asset management and inspection applications.

Powerful ultra-rugged computing

Nomad 1050
Nomad 1050 Series
Ultra-rugged, feature-filled GPS handhelds built for extremes.

Yuma 2
Yuma 2 Rugged Tablet Computer
Ultra-rugged tablet computer for the mobile worker.

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Zephyr Model 2 thb
Zephyr Model 2 Antenna
Dual-frequency GNSS antenna for high-accuracy applications and the standard antenna for use with GeoXH™ Centimeter edition handhelds.

Tornado Antenna
Dual-frequency GNSS antenna for high-accuracy applications with GeoXH™ handhelds, ProXH™ and ProXRT receivers.

Tempest Antenna
High quality GNSS antenna for use in difficult GPS environments.

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Mapping GIS Software
A range of field and office software solutions designed for Mapping & GIS applications.

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Trimble Support
A range of support options to keep you working.