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Product Information
Trimble Penmap Field Software

Penmap Field Software

  • Simple survey and GIS data collection
  • Revolutionary user interface design enables finger operation
  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX support for centimeter accuracy worldwide
  • WMS support provides access to high-resolution satellite imagery
  • Use with your choice of controller

Trimble Penmap Field Software

Penmap is premium data collection software, specifically designed for cadastral surveying, mapping, and land registration tasks. Compatible with a suite of controllers running Windows®8, 7, Vista® or XP operating systems, Penmap's revolutionary user interface provides the industry's largest map real-estate, is designed to be operated with your fingers, and provides the world's first right- or left-handed modes for better ergonomics.

Cadastral Data Collection Made Easy

Penmap functionality includes:

  • Direct logging of total station and GNSS data
  • Area computation
  • Stakeout points with total station and GNSS data
  • Multiple and verification measurements
  • Configurable point numbering and code tables

Trimble CenterPoint RTX Support

With support for the Trimble ProXRT receiver for Land Administration featuring Trimble CenterPoint RTX™, Penmap enables you to receive centimeter accuracy (3 cm) worldwide–real time or post-processed.

Revolutionary User Interface -- Touch Your Data

Penmap is designed to be operated with your fingers. It's fast and easy to control and navigate your data and map with just a touch of your finger.

Land Administration ProXRT Receiver


  • Juno Series controllers
  • Trimble Yuma
  • TSC3 Controller
  • Variety of field computers including laptops, tablet PCs, and PDAs running Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP operating systems