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Public Access

Trimble's landfolio web portal provides on-line access to a country’s electronic land management solution, including map-based querying that can be as "open" or "controlled" as required by the client based on restricted subscriptions and other password controlled and monitored technology.

The system provides two types of online access to the electronic register and parcel maps. The first type of access is a full-featured search facility which is made available to designated government users (who must supply the appropriate login credentials) over the government Intranet. The second type of access is a subscription-based service for interested public users over the landfolio web portal.

The landfolio web portal permits properly authenticated subscribers to perform queries linking the graphic and non-graphic databases. There are various subscription levels which allow public users to pay only for what they need, while generating additional revenue for the government. The government decides what search parameters may be used, but these typically include full name, partial name with wildcard, parcel number, instrument number, date range and map-based queries.

landfolio enables a land records office to provide a wide variety of "official" documents via the Internet accessible to subscribers for submitting, reviewing, and approving conveyance and related title registration transactions. Each subscriber may have an account established with the land records office and fees may be paid from that account. The account may be configured so that individual clients can have a credit balance up to some pre-defined credit limit.