Trimble Land Administration



  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Slovakia

Land Registry Feasibility Study, GIS Prototype and Land Registry Pilot Project

Trimble's landfolio team conducted performance assessments, performed legal and technical research and made recommendations to modernize Hungary's land registries. The landfolio team then prepared a feasibility study on legal and technical aspects of computerization of the Hungarian Land Registry System and developed a prototype integrated land registry and GIS, incorporating cadastral mapping and utility infrastructure information for properties in Budapest District V. All work was performed in close collaboration with Weil Gotshal and Manges, an international legal services firm; the Budapest Land Registry; City Government of Budapest and the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, under a technical assistance program administered and financed by the Hungarian American Enterprise Fund.

National Farm Land Privatization and Land Titling

Under a USAID contract the landfolio team, in a consortium with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, East West Management Institute and the Rural Development Institute, implemented a pilot project for the privatization of 72 collective farms and the privatization of urban enterprise land in support of the Ministry of Privatization of the Republic of Moldova. Upon its completion, the former collective farm members were issued 185,000 land titles. The project was expanded to break up and privatize over 800 collective farms, resulting in the distribution of 1.1 million land titles. The combined effort resulted in 1,340,765 land titles issued to 467,263 former collective farm members. This project is the largest and most comprehensive land privatization, parceling and titling project completed in the former Soviet Union.

All production work was carried out by 50 Moldovan private survey companies with 400 employees utilizing performance based subcontracts. This effort served to confirm the break-up of the state survey and titling monopoly. All information systems and data were produced and processed by Moldovan private companies.

All parcel boundary and ownership rights were legally validated and recorded at local government offices in accordance with Moldovan law. Numerous legal and regulatory initiatives were drafted, advocated and enacted during the course of this "Land Project".

Forestry Cadastre Study

As a subcontractor to ARD Inc. Trimble's landfolio team participated in a feasibility study for the automation and integration of a forestry cadastre system for the Ministry of Rural Development of Romania.The landfolio team helped to provide a comprehensive strategy for the many phases of the system development including forestry property boundary surveys; tree inventories; ownership data collection; hardware and software acquisition; data storage requirements and pest management techniques. The team's cadastre expertise was especially valuable on this project as it provided a rapid understanding of the impact the various cadastre datasets had on the implementation effort. A very small percentage (~20%) of the cadastre information for the country is available digitally. The preponderance of information is available only as existing paper maps, plans and aerial photographs. A comparative study was conducted of both public and private sector entities to determine what level of GIS activity and cadastre integration were occurring in the country. The resultant study provided the Ministry budgetary, personnel and strategic milestones that will assure the success of the actual implementation.

City of Brezno Property Tax System and Brezno Land Registry

This project was financed by the Czech and Slovak American Enterprise fund and the landfolio team. They helped to develop and implement a pilot project graphic and non-graphic relational database linking and updating parcel maps and ownership data for approximately 17,500 parcels in six cadastral districts. Two separate but connected systems were designed and built: one for the Brezno Land Registry Office and the other for the Brezno Town Hall. The Land Registry system was for ownership, property restitution, boundary determination and parcel map updating. The Town Hall system included periodic updating of Land Registry ownership and parcel mapping information for processing and verifying citizens' property tax returns. The landfolio team digitized 1,948 parcel maps and bulk loaded and integrated computerized ownership information with both geographically indexed map files using tax ID and cadastral ID numbers.