Trimble Land Administration



  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Lesotho

Land Policy and Administration Study

The Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of the Republic of Benin awarded the landfolio team a contract to prepare a Land Policy and Administration Study. The team worked directly as a partner with MCA-Benin to 1) conduct a series of studies with recommended proposals for land policy, administration and improvements on the management of the National Land Commission based on a decentralized government model introducing new technologies and methods of management; 2) develop a "White Paper" for the final land policy and administration to support the "Access to Land" Project government policy formation; and 3) draft the enabling legislation for the new land policy.

Land Services Technical Assistance Project

Burkina Faso signed a compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation for assistance in four key areas, including securing land tenure. As a subcontractor to TetraTech/ARD, Trimble’s landfolio team is providing supporting technical expertise to improve land rights registration and civil records management in Phase 1 of this project focusing on 17 representative communes within the country.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of Lesotho awarded Land Equity International (LEI) a contract to integrate cadastral maps and land records, strengthen the institutional and human capacity of land administration, and improve land valuation for purposes of ground lease administration. LEI issued a sub-contract to the landfolio team for the design of a Formula Valuation System (FVS) to value properties and estimate potential ground rent revenue. The landfolio team's Senior Project Manager, completed the two-month assignment, including reviewing the current valuation methods, collecting data on nearly 500 commercial and residential properties, building a fiscal cadastre with the property data, working with local appraisers to design a valuation model, testing the model against the pilot fiscal cadastre, and using the FVS to estimate potential ground rent. The team also prepared a plan for full implementation of the FVS.