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Consulting Services

Legal and Regulatory Framework

When real estate markets in emerging nations are in their infancy, Trimble advises governments on the legal requirements for title registration legislation, adjudication procedures, mortgage registration, real property taxation laws and a host of other land law considerations. Trimble offers the knowledge and legal expertise to help governments build legal and regulatory frameworks that protect and promote:

  • Individual private property ownership
  • Transparent and equitable land registration transactions
  • Integration of customary land rights with modern land rights
  • Adjudication processes and procedures
  • Standards, norms and supporting regulations

Business Process Analysis and Strategic Planning

Trimble provides expertise to aid in the development of turnkey land management solutions. Trimble's experts can be involved throughout the project cycle providing a variety of services including:

  • Assessing the government's business and workflow requirements and ensuring the project plan and solution design will meet current and future needs
  • Creating an implementation plan and outlining the necessary development phases
  • Reviewing and developing of the legal and regulatory environment
  • Developing software applications
  • Monitoring maintenance and ensuring the continuing accuracy of data sets
  • System support and training

Project Management

Project management is the key to a successful implementation effort. No matter how impressive the proposed technology, without an experienced project management team, the ability to achieve a timely, on-budget project is drastically diminished.

A project management plan provides guidance on how the project scope will be defined, documented, verified, managed and controlled by the project management team. The launch of the project is the starting point from which the expectations, milestones and successes will be set and measured. Trimble utilizes the Project Management Institute's (PMI) best practices throughout each project lifecycle, and provides the foundation for all project communications, risk management, personnel management, change order management and product/solution delivery. Five essential project management phases are implemented: Initiation; Planning; Executing; Monitoring/Controlling and Closing, each of which is crucial to successful project completion on time and within budget.

Trimble provides the expertise to guide and train government project development teams from start to finish on both small and large-scale project implementation.