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Cadastre Automation

The basis for property boundary identification, ownership determination and transfer is the parcel map. State-of-the-art technology has evolved from the combined art and science of cadastral maps, sometimes created centuries earlier, to the digital parcel maps produced from today's property information management systems. Integration of parcel map and ownership records through geographic indexing enables more timely, accurate and informed decision making by central and local government entities, utility providers, developers, owners, lenders and prospective buyers.

landfoliocadastre, the cadastre mapping and management component of landfolio, provides a unified and standardized project management workflow throughout the parcel subdivision process. User friendly "Parcel Wizards" guide the inexperienced user through parcel management activities that include splitting, amalgamating, subdividing, creating and adjusting parcel boundaries.

  • landfoliocadastre has been developed utilizing the following criteria:
  • Bidirectional integration with landfolio registry
  • Client managed workflow with user friendly interface
  • Open architecture in compliance with open GIS requirements
  • Business model driven application
  • Controlled user access levels
  • Wizard driven parcel map maintenance
  • Job tracking through unique project ID
  • Shortened user training curve