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Land Administration Solutions

Supporting the complete land administration workflow from conception to completion.

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Land Administration Solutions

A complete portfolio to efficiently meet requirements while reducing total costs.

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Land Administration Solutions

Trimble Landfolio solutions for comprehensive property rights registration and record management.

Land Administration

Trimble enables you to efficiently manage and maintain your entire land administration project from conception to completion. The benefits of implementing Trimble technology in land administration activities include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced project costs
  • Consistent, reliable, and accurate data
  • Reduced data processing time
  • Complete work faster than conventional methods
  • Convert data into powerful information you can act on
  • Drastically reduced error margins
Land Administration Solutions
index Geodetic Control

The foundation for all land administration projects, geodetic control ensures consistent and accurate spatial data collection.

index Field Data Collection

Trimble's robust data collection portfolio meets the needs for all types of land administration projects.

index Data Processing

Trimble's complete set of data processing solutions, increases productivity and improves consistency when converting field data to the cadastral database.

index Decision Support

A single multi-purpose cadastral database provides the data needed to make important decisions.

index Land Registration

Many factors can affect an individual's land rights, so it's essential to use a comprehensive solution to equitably and profitably manage all land records.